Evergreen by Aspen back brace. This is a really good quality back brace. Has two velcro tighteners to tighten the brace to your comfort level. It does not have a specific size on it anywhere that I can see but it is probably a size small. I'm not sure the measurements on that either but you're welcome to try it on before committing to purchase. I have one in my size and it works great. Off Jack...
New PLEASE READ! *Ppu is off of blue angel near saufley field *I only make meets if I have enough sales. That is why it is vital to ask first. *AB meet, but please ask first, 10am to 100am *Sunday meets in pace around 2PM to 2:45pm, but please ask first as well *WATCHERS:Most of my items go to weekly online auctions so there is a high chance that they will be gone very soon After posting. *ALL ...
PPU in Gallatin NonSmoking Hand Exerciser ''1 Count, Yellow''. Condition is New Variable resistance training for hands, fingers, and forearms. Helps strengthen grip and reduces stress


Acrylic student kit. Bought this tried and failed. Everything you need is in there $20.00
Hand carved twisted wood walking stick, polished, 37 1/2 inches with ball handle - used excellent condition