Nice pop up for a beginner this is nothing new or super fancy, it does not leak the sink, ac and heat work. The propane works. It has a stove inside and a stove that attaches to the side of the camper. My father put new waterproof hardwood floors in it. Reminder this is NOT brand new or super fancy. Beds sleep good. All leveling jacks work. The plus side is THIS IS A HARD SIDE POP UP which mean...
Cash only price firm. 2 years old yes it still works great ! No I don t know the length or weight
Cast iron pots. They are Technic brand by QVC. In good condition. I meet at Thomaston Wal-Mart.
Has a divided place for eggs or pancakes and a place for bacon or sausage and with a glass press. In good condition. Bought at QVC.. I meet at Thomaston Wal-Mart.
There's 2 small mixing bowls and a 8x8 square glass pan. In good condition. I meet at Thomaston Wal-Mart..
Temptations set. Been in storage. I'm down sizing. Use to sit in my China cabinet... I will meet at Thomaston Wal-Mart